At RVACON, the Music Division will provide a range of events to entertain attendees. There will be panels, workshops, and a silent disco for your listening pleasure. At a silent disco, attendants are given sets of wireless headphones, through which they can listen to live performances by DJs and producers who are in-house playing and transmitting the audio to these headphone sets. RVACON is happy to have Hear No Evil on board as our sponsor for the silent disco, which will feature many of Richmond's top DJ acts, including:

8-Bit Music artist, Chipocrite, will be giving both a guest lecture and performance on Saturday at the convention. In this part informative, part instructional presentation, Chipocrite will provide an overview of chip music -- a style of music repurposing and pushing the boundaries of old video game hardware to create new and original compositions. You'll hear about the style's roots, learn about its modern context and get started learning how to make your own chiptunes using Little Sound DJ, the ubiquitous music tracker/sequencer software for the Nintendo Game Boy. 

On Sunday, RVACON will feature an Ableton workshop hosted by George Rollins (Akasha). Akasha will be featuring some cutting edge wireless technology showing how tablets offer unique control and function over some powerful new software.  Showing off instruments by twisted tools, and demonstrating the Lemur and touch osc.  He will also show how to sync your audio clips in Ableton with Video Clips on a secondary computer wirelessly and effortlessly, including the ability to activate cameras. Finally, Akasha will share the meat and potatoes of what makes Ableton so powerful as a live performance software as well as one of the most extraordinary production programs out there.

Along with the silent disco and our special guest speakers, the RVACON Music Division will be hosting official afterparties at The Canal Club on Friday & Saturday nights.

Friday's Lineup includes:

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Saturday's lineup includes:

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