RVACON Schedule Phase 1

By Alex Gentile in Special Events

September 06, 2013 11:56am




                                                       The RVACON Shop




    "Scientification-Science Fiction, From Victorian Times to the 1960s" w/Nathan Madison


     "Hope Is Not Yet Lost: One Indy Comic Artist's Story After College" with Kevin Roberts






     Game Making with RVA Game Jams


     Cosplay Fashion Show (Beginner)


    ?Google Glass and how it will affect you? with Andreas Addison


     Cosplay Fashion Show (Advanced)


     Funding Indie Projects with RVA Game Jams


     Chipocrite: Intro to Chip Music & Live Performance with Paul Weinstein 






     Trust Your Guts - Bravery & Creativity in Game Making with RVA Game Jams


     A World of Possibilities:(Ableton, TabletTech, DJ-VJ Production) with George Rollins 


     Honoree Guest Speaker: Eric Wolfe Hanson (Illustrator of Venom)


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